Why is it important for whole families to be involved in the programme?

Participants in the UPre Women programme are women in households, taking care of children and the entire family. Therefore, they need their family members to support and replace them when they are attending training sessions. That’s why we systematically work and communicate with entire families. We explain to them why it’s important for women to educate themselves and move forward, and how they can help them in that.

Working with families is done through fieldwork, home visits, but also through joint meetings of whole families. So far, we have held 4 such meetings. In addition to motivating partners, mothers, fathers, or mothers-in-law to support women and create space for their education and development, we have also supported women themselves and highlighted their efforts and successes in the UPre Women programme.

Women at the workshop. Photo: Petra Juhásová

The initial meetings took place on October 12 at a restaurant in Veľký Krtíš and on October 17 in the garden of Domček in Dobšiná. At these meetings, we introduced the UPre Women programme to family members, explained why we are implementing it, and showed them how it can move forward not only women but also their families and entire communities. At the same time, we created a space where everyone could share opinions and feelings related to education and job search.

"It was a good meeting. We could chat with the women."
Eva, participant in the programme in Dobšiná
Family meeting in Dobšiná. Photo: Natália Príhodová

About the Fisherman and His Wife

Further meetings (December 8, 2022, in Veľký Krtíš and February 22, 2023, in Dobšiná) were more adventurous and pleasing, especially for the children. We prepared for them a performance of The Fisherman and His Wife by the theater Portál.

"The children were extremely joyful. They laughed, had fun, participated in the performance, and tried to catch the golden fish. Although family meetings were originally planned for adult relatives, the theater performance was a great opportunity to involve as many families as possible and to have the opportunity to talk to them after the performance. For example, in Veľký Krtíš, families came to the meetings who are not involved in the UPre Women programme, and that is a very positive step. Because the wider environment plays an important role in the personal and career development of women. It's very important if woman's surroundings appreciate, praise, and support her."
Natália Príhodová, programme manager
"To our surprise, the attendance was high. The theater performance about the Fisherman and His Wife was a great success. It appealed not only to children but also to adults. I must note that nothing similar operates here locally in our town, and participants encountered it for the first time. People, who are not part of the project UPre Women, were interested in it. They appreciated the experience for their underage children. Similar family meetings could be realized in the future."
Adrián Berky, project coordinator, Veľký Krtíš
"It was great; there should be more events like this."
Alena, sister of a participant about the theatre performance in Dobšiná
Program UPre ženy, divadelné predstavenie
Theater performance in Veľký Krtíš. Photo: Natália Príhodová