We wrote down barriers and recommendations for the employment of women from marginalized Roma communities (MRC)

During the implementation of the UPre Women programme and event with employers, we identified barriers that hinder Roma women from disadvantaged backgrounds from finding, obtaining, and, most importantly, maintaining employment. These barriers and tested solutions have been documented to assist employers and relevant government institutions.

We divided the barriers into two levels -–personal and systemic

While we worked on eliminating barriers at the personal level within the programme, addressing obstacles in the realm of systemic measures requires changes from both the state and employers. That is why, in collaboration with AmCham Slovakia, we organized a Round Table and invited employers from eastern Slovakia who employ people from impoverished communities.

We exchanged experiences, shared insightful opinions, and arrived at several concrete measures.

These measures are essential to give women from impoverished backgrounds the chance to find employment and to help them maintain it despite all obstacles.

The obstacles and tested solutions identified within the UPre Women programme and the Round Table event have been documented in a brief document. They are particularly helpful for employers and relevant government institutions.