How does the majority perceive co-habiting with the Roma community?

Under the UPre Women programme, between January and March 2022, we carried out a survey on the share of the majority population in the area of intervention, accepting roma.
illustrative photo (pexels.som, Olya Kobruseva)

"One of the aims of UPre Women is to change the persistent stereotypical attitudes of the majority towards the Roma community in Slovakia. To do this, these attitudes need to be known and defined. That's why we conducted a survey on a sample of people who live directly in the cities where the UPre women programme is carried out."

The survey was carried out by partners of UPre Women (Community Centre of Minorities in Veľký Krtíš and OZ Childhood to Children in Dobšiná) on a sample of approximately 400 respondents. These respondents live in Veľký Krtíš and Dobšiná together with the Roma population. In the survey, we asked them seven questions about coexistence with the Roma community.

We are currently evaluating the information obtained. We will publish the results on the UPre women’s website in the coming months.