We wrote down barriers and recommendations for the employment of women from marginalized Roma communities (MRC)

Odporúčania pre zamestnávateľov

During the implementation of the UPre Women programme and event with employers, we identified barriers that hinder Roma women from disadvantaged backgrounds from finding, obtaining, and, most importantly, maintaining employment. These barriers and tested solutions have been documented to assist employers and relevant government institutions. We divided the barriers into two levels -–personal and systemic […]

Women need support, not criticism

Ženy na svete žien, podpora, kritika

In the event called Woman’s World, successful women who have the opportunity to influence the lives of others and inspire people around them, have come together. Author Lenka Hlinková, director of a large company Katarína Vaškovičová, social worker Monika Duždová, and singer Katka Koščová shared their stories. The event was moderated by well-known screenwriter and […]

The new publication captures our insights and approaches to empowering Roma women.

Publikácia, zistenia UPre ženy

The “UPre Women” publication is full of findings, experiences, and recommendations we have gained from a year of working with women in Dobšiná and Veľký Krtíš. This practical publication captures our approaches to empowering Roma women (one of the most disadvantaged groups of people living in Slovakia). Our work and support lead them to gain […]

UPre Women moved to the Luník IX area in Košice

Luník IX ženy sa vzdelávajú

The programme helps Roma women from impoverished environments to change their mindset, become aware of their rights and responsibilities, and gain the desire and strength to work towards changing their lives. And the lives of their entire families. The stories of women from Luník IX are not simple, but participating in the programme is seen […]

An ordinary conversation can turn anger into understanding

Rozhovor zmení hnev na porozumenie

Slovak society is polarized in almost every topic. Instead of supporting each other and striving together for the common good, we throw obstacles in each other’s way and judge people we don’t even know. This negativity also happens in the world of women, when one points to another for not breastfeeding, another criticizes the other […]

Why is it important for whole families to be involved in the programme?

Program UPre ženy, divadelné predstavenie

Participants in the UPre Women programme are women in households, taking care of children and the entire family. Therefore, they need their family members to support and replace them when they are attending training sessions. That’s why we systematically work and communicate with entire families. We explain to them why it’s important for women to […]

We conducted training for the partners of the UPre Women program

UPre Women not only empowers Roma women but also our project partners. At the end of June, we conducted a training in Dobšiná aimed at strengthening the capacities of partners’teams working in the field of social inclusion of marginalized Roma communities. The training was attended by employees of the Community Center for Minorities from Veľký […]