We conducted training for the partners of the UPre Women program

UPre Women not only empowers Roma women but also our project partners. At the end of June, we conducted a training in Dobšiná aimed at strengthening the capacities of partners’teams working in the field of social inclusion of marginalized Roma communities. The training was attended by employees of the Community Center for Minorities from Veľký […]

A training for UPre Women’s partners

UPre Women’s partners met at an all-day training to share experiences with each other and share best practices in community work, empowering women from Roma marginalised communities and connecting them to the labour market. The programme UPre Women is implemented by the Carpathian Foundation in cooperation with the Community Centre of Minorities from Veľký Krtíš […]

How does the majority perceive co-habiting with the Roma community?

Under the UPre Women programme, between January and March 2022, we carried out a survey on the share of the majority population in the area of intervention, accepting roma. illustrative photo (pexels.som, Olya Kobruseva) “One of the aims of UPre Women is to change the persistent stereotypical attitudes of the majority towards the Roma community […]