A training for UPre Women’s partners

UPre Women’s partners met at an all-day training to share experiences with each other and share best practices in community work, empowering women from Roma marginalised communities and connecting them to the labour market.

The programme UPre Women is implemented by the Carpathian Foundation in cooperation with the Community Centre of Minorities from Veľký Krtíš and with the civic association Childhood to Children from Dobšiná. This cooperation also includes various accompanying activities that make the UPre Women programme a comprehensive, long-term and ambitious perspective for women from marginalised Roma communities. One such accompanying activity was the all-day training for project partners called Capacity building on programme approaches.

We shared experiences

The training took place on the 8th March 2022 in Lučenec and was attended by representatives of project partners – the Community Centre of Minorities from Veľký Krtíš, OZ Childhood to Children from Dobšiná, the Labour Agency of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region (APBBSK) and the Carpathian Foundation. The aim of the training was to exchange experience and good practices in the field of community work, strengthening women from Roma marginalised communities and connecting them with the labour market, together they went through approaches, activities or tasks of the UPre Women programme.

Inspiration from India

APBBSK shared learning from many years of experience in supporting people from disadvantaged groups to gain employment. The training was enriched with successful examples from abroad – the Carpathian Foundation shared knowledge from the Women with Wheels programme implemented in India by Azad Foundation. Women with Wheels empowers resource-poor women in India to gain non-traditional livelihoods with dignity.

"The training has strengthened the professional capacities of the staff of the community centers where we implement the UPre Women programme. The aim was for these working teams to be able to incorporate the acquired knowledge into their practice and thus continue to provide services in the field of economic empowerment of disadvantaged groups even after the end of our pilot project."

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